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EMI Core Setter – SPO/Osborn

The new EMI multi station core setter incorporates the latest in servo drive technology. In our desire for continuous improvement, EMI is now driving towards the future of industry by utilizing servo drive actuated cylinders and therefore eliminating the need for hydraulic pumps, coolers, noise, environmental issues, and constant power consumption during dwell times between motions.

This latest core setter maintains the robustness and straightforward design criteria for which EMI is known. All components are designed for longevity in the harsh foundry environment and as always, our equipment includes a standard 1 year warranty.

Accuracy is must and with the floating core set head and the precision rotating load table, this unit will easily set cores into flasks +/- 1/4” askew and with our floating core set head, the vertical location of the flasks may differ +/- 1/4” as well.

Our servo drive cylinder application is in both the vertical lift and the horizontal axis and with this there is no longer a need for physical hard stops, cushions, or mechanical adjustments. All settings in these areas are now controlled via the operators control panel. Programmable acceleration/deceleration ramps are included in the software which allow for accurate positioning, reduced cycle times and repeatability.

EMI has the design capability to incorporate the customer’s existing tooling and with most applications tooling modification are rarely needed. By streamlining the tooling load procedures, all of the pneumatic – clamping, actuating, and blow off connections are now fully automatic. When not in use, the tooling is vertically stacked complete as one unit for transport and storage.

Safety is always of the greatest importance with our equipment and when lifting is involved failsafe clamping is included. This core setter has spring assist tooling clamps where if the power or air is shut off or the valves or air lines fail the tooling will stay in position. All perimeter guarding and safety devices are designed to suit OSHA and Customers safety requirements.

From the preliminary on-site 3D computer modeling based on customer requirements, – to installation, through the life cycle of our equipment, EMI will be there to assist; this is our promise.