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SPO 6000 Series

Molding Machines

EMI/SPO 6000 Series

The 6000 series SPO standard automated molding machines are precision-engineered for long service life. The operating procedure is designed for highest production with minimum effort. The engineering allows for the maximum efficiency and precision needed to produce uniform, high quality molds consistently. All component parts are manufactured to close tolerances to permit rapid replacement without loss of operating accuracy.

Design features include centralized controls, adjustable two-speed draw, integrally mounted SPO air vibrators; power operated heads, and our inverted jolt mechanism, a self-aligning stripping design. The patented SPO inverted jolt mechanism provides for maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance. Any servicing required can be accomplished at or above floor level.

With varying jolt capacities, these machines can accommodate a wide range of flask sizes and shapes for custom engineered quality in a standard machine.

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