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Whitepaper Series Issue #2

Reducing Core Defects

By Jerry Senk, President, EMI Inc.

Since the first castings were poured, foundry men have been working to eliminate scrap castings and improve product quality. This white paper will concentrate on one area of reducing casting defects and scrap by outlining the important aspects of a reliable sand core production process.

There are many different sand core processes that metal casters can utilize use. These can include; cold box, shell, warm box, in-organic, no-bake, and most recently printed cores among others. Any of these core processes can be used for just about any alloy. Selection is typically based on the size of the core, the production rate required, quality requirements of the casting process, tooling investment, and generally the skills and competency of the foundry.

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Whitepaper Series Issue #1

Considerations for Manual & Automatic Green Sand Expansions

By Jerry Senk, President, EMI Inc.

Foundries, guiding their business, have to survive through the various economic cycles as well as emerging market pressures, are well aware of the continuous need to reinvest in equipment to increase productivity, and decrease the manual content of casting production, while still producing consistent castings economically in a very demanding market. From their position, the molding machine manufacturers have to provide the properly developed equipment and/or molding process to meet these demands, while at the same time improving casting quality and maintaining a safe working environment.

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